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How John Allan Namu’s wife deals with unwanted female attention

In the beginning I was just very paranoid - Sheena Makena Namu disclosed.

But the Namu’s have managed to despite countless ladies fawning over and even disrespectfully approaching the ‘Africa Uncensored’ CEO.

But coming to that point wasn’t easy as Sheena disclosed because when she first married Allan she faced a lot of animosity and ladies coming up to him.

“ In the beginning, the attention with him being who he is would be very studied so someone would come up and say hello and you do not know (their intentions) coz I had faced a lot of animosity from a lot of people. So you do not know if someone is coming up to him to show me or be disrespectful or coming out of the sheer respect and admiration they had for him.” She disclosed on Ebru TV.


But soon enough she started seeing all the attention in a positive light. “In the beginning I was just very paranoid I guess about everyone but now its fun. Because you think this is a good thing and so many people appreciate what he does. Some people come up to us and ask ‘How is it that you do this? We are praying for you.’ I think I just had to come to a point and realize that not everybody had bad intentions and also by virtue of how we conduct ourselves, people have just naturally fallen into being respectful. We no longer have people coming up to him and wanting to show inappropriateness.”

As for Allan building a wall around them and working to strengthen their relationship helped them deal with the external forces threatening their marriage.

“We built a wall around us…we stopped like engaging with everybody. We were picky about people we spoke to and who we let into our lives. I think we recognized that we needed to grow our relationship to the extent that we would be able to say those unspoken things. The coming of age was the 3rd or 5th year of our marriage, it took a while for us to be able to know how to handle that.”  He told Ebru TV before adding “Where we are now is at a place where it’s still uncomfortable but it’s much less uncomfortable to be confronted by people who are like that.”


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