Sheila Mwanyigha speaks on Radio comeback

Sheila speaks on comeback!

Sheila Mwanyigha speaks on Radio comeback

Former NTV and Nation FM presenter Sheila Mwanyigha has broken her silence on making a radio comeback.

Speaking in an interview with a local radio station, Ms. Mwanyigha said that Radio came first for her when compared to Television because it does not demanding as TV is.

She went on to say that with radio she can show up to work dressed anyway she likes unlike TV.

I love radio one day I will comeback. Radio is my true love compared to TV. This is because radio allows me to be myself, I can show up is sweatpants and no one cares. It does not demand the glamour of TV,” said Sheila Mwanyigha.

3 marriage proposals

In the same interview, the former Tusker Project Fame host also revealed that she had turned down three marriage proposals.

“The first, I didn’t think he was the right person for me. The 2nd time my dad died and I wasn’t ready to leave Kenya and relocate to Europe. It was 6 months before the wedding. The 3rd time I said no. You don’t marry a person you can live with, marry someone you can’t live without. I never want to settle. If you don’t love someone as much as they love you, you can’t marry that one person. You should marry someone you can’t live without,” disclosed Sheila Mwanyigha in an interview with Milele FM.


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