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Sherehe after sherehe: JB Masanduku reveals how he spent Sh1M in 11 days

After 11 days, JB Masanduku returned home with 12 bob only

JB Masanduku explains how he spent Sh.1 million in just 11 days.

JB Masanduku has revealed how he wasted his first Sh1 million in just 11 days as he crisscrossed East Africa, spending money on clubs, alcohol and women.

In an interview with Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki, the son of former Vioja Mahakamani actor Masanduku Arap Smit explained how - after getting his money - JB booked a flight to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi with the intention of "kujibamba".

"When I reached Uganda, I exchanged Sh100,000 and received UGX Sh1 million. At the time I was a millionaire both in Kenya and Uganda," the comedian hilariously explained.

Immediately he reached Entebbe International Airport, JB bought a phone and other accessories then requested an airport taxi to drive him to Kampala approximately 42.2 kilometres (Km) away.


"I had money, so I had to travel in style. You know how expensive the yellow airport taxis are," he explained to Churchill who was bemused.

"I instructed the taxi driver to take me to the most expensive club in town, not the best but the most expensive," said Masanduku.

"When I reached my destination, I gifted the driver my brand new phone - which I had bought at Sh112,000- as a token of appreciation," he continued.

Once Masanduku got to the club, he gave a set of instructions to the waiter. "Whoever is drinking beer, give them 5 more bottles, whoever is drinking wine, give them 2 more bottles, whoever is taking shots, give them a bottle, I will pay the bill."


"Once everyone was served and after paying the bill, to my surprise I still had a lot of money in the form of Ugandan currency," Masanduku continued.

Everyone at the club was intrigued by his generosity as more and more people especially women came towards him eager to know who Masanduku was.

"I was surrounded by a great number of club dwellers, and in the process someone stole Sh300,000," he narrated.

After his escapade in the Pearl of Africa, Masanduku travelled to Rwanda then Burundi where he was left with only Sh12.


"I rode a motorbike from my hotel to the Melchior Ndadaye International Airport in Bujumbura but was unable to pay the boda boda guy since I only had 12 bob. I decided to pay him with all the alcohol I had bought in the 3 different countries," he revealed.

The comedian has for a while had a long battle with depression and anxiety that ended up costing him his marriage to Tina Kaggia and the lucrative job at BBC.

However, his life has been on an upward trajectory ever since he met his soon to be wife, Jackie Karanja. Jackie is an actress by profession. They met in 2018 and JB paid the dowry in early 2019. The two are now expecting a child.


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