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Why Shix Kapienga banned her mum from watching her movie, 'Nairobi Half-Life'

It was the only production she starred in that she did not want her mum to see.

While most actresses struggle with such X-rated roles Shix made it look easy because of how seamlessly she did it and how incredibly comfortable she was with playing the role of a commercial sex worker.

Since it was her first time undressing for the audience, she found it a little uncomfortable but she had to buckle up as nudity and undressing at times comes with the territory when it comes to acting.

“It was just fine. The only uncomfortable part is where I had to undress but I was like you know I want to do acting and this is acting, I have to do it.”  She said on Talk Central.


Before adding that Kenyans view such scenes as gratuitous and depraved but if Kenyan actors are going to get serious about acting, then they have to stop being prudish and embrace steamy scenes in television.

“Hatuwezi sema si ni actors then tunanafanya vitu nusu-nusu, we have to go all the way, pole pole tu.” Shix added.

So how did her parents embrace her role in Nairobi Half-life?

“They heard about it, I told my mum because she watched Shuga and she is like aaaih that is how you were dancing? That is acting? I was like mum it’s just acting and she was like aaaih hapana. You know our mothers.” She said laughing.

And so due to her mum’s reaction about Shuga Shix knew that her mum wouldn’t be too pleased about Nairobi Half-Life where she takes on a raunchier role so she forbade her mum from watching it.


“I was like Nairobi Half-Life is worse so I was like wachana nayo.” The 30-year-old actress revealed.


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