Shock as women reveal why they are applying tobacco on their private parts


Shock as women reveal why they are applying tobacco on their private parts

A section of Tanzanian women have shocked the world after revealing why they have been applying tobacco on their private parts.

In a report done by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the women disclosed that they use tobacco to prevent them from the urge of having sex. This according to the women also acts as a way of family planning.

When I put the tobacco (in my privates) I feel like I have been with a man. Even if a man makes a move at me, I feel like he’s just a nuisance. An old woman told me to mix the ground tobacco (ugoro) with soda ash (magadi) before mixing it with cooking oil. When placed in the privates, the urge to have sex ceases,” said on one of the women interviewed who hails from Tabora in Tanzania.

The BBC report further said that the practice was common among women who do not have regular sexual partners and it gives them complete sexual satisfaction.

I usually put tobacco into my private parts twice in a week. It stays in there for a few minutes before removing it by washing. I, thereafter, develop an itchy feeling, which immediately kills the sexual urge. There are no other side effects of the mixture that I know of,” said another woman identified as Zaituni Shaban.

A doctor who spoke to BBC however, said that the practice was unsafe for the women because no research had been done on the same.

He added that most of women diagnosed with cancer in Tabora admit to having used tobacco in their private parts.


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