Popular news anchor shocks many appearing with 'kawaida' jeans and a pair of rubbers to anchor news

Your popular male news anchor could just be putting on a pair of shorts or boxers while presenting news if stunt pulled by one is anything to go by.


A Kenyan news anchor has surprised many after cameras revealed his strange studio attire.

K24’s prime time news anchor Yusuf Ibrahim caused a stir after he was caught on camera presenting news in unconventional clothes.

The popular news anchor had donned a pair of pretty rugged jeans and a pair of sneakers.

Many associate TV anchors especially those appearing on studio to be well dressed and pretty formal in classy well-tailored suits and ties.

This has been an unwritten rule and many had even wondered how all the anchors could afford such expensive clothes and hardly repeat them.

However, cheeky minds had suggested before that a number of male news anchors could be pulling a fast one on viewers as all we get to see of them is their upper body.

Unlike many female news anchors tasked to strut around the studio, male anchors seat comfortably ignoring all else.

It is very easy for them to have on even a pair of shorts opined the crazy minds. Their theory has just been confirmed by Yusuf Ibrahim attire.

While seated, and facing the camera in a close up, he looks sharply dressed. He has a crisp shirt and matching tie with a coat or what one would expect is part of a suit.

Angle shot later revealed he had jeans on an a pair of red sneakers which completely spoils the look. Maybe it is part of new age news anchoring. Here is the news anchor.


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