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Caroline Mutoko blasts Governor Joho for his misplaced priorities

Former radio queen Caroline Mutoko feels that governor Joho is failing Mombasa city.

He has failed to turn the coastal city into one of the fanciest cities in Africa. She says that Mombasa has the potential to be like Cape town and Barcelona, cities that are widely known to attract tourists due to their beauty.

According to Caroline Mutoko, Governor Joho should stop paying too much attention in politics and focus on ways that will encourage tourists to visit other parts of Mombasa city.

Caroline Mutoko also feels that the governor not has misplaced priorities when it comes to ways of improving the economy. In her opinion instead of flying in the likes of Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj who end up spending less that 48hours in the country, it is wiser to spend that 90 Million to make changes around Mombasa.

The former journalist went further to add that Joho might have to sit down with people who understand how to extract money. She gave an example of Coke studio who brought in Trey songz  and ended up making a good impression about Kenya and its people.


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