How to get great Kenyan TV shows without spending a fortune

After a long day at work, you want to sit down, relax, forget everything and get engrossed in your TV catching up with the latest and hottest shows, movies and what not.

Househelps of Kawangware cast

If you are truly Kenyan like I am, you are looking for something engaging, intriguing and entertaining at the same time. And if the show could have a local aspect in it, then the better. That show for me is definitely House helps of Kawangware which is like the epitome of local comedy for me.

This TV comedy show follows the lives of four women working as house helps in an up-close and personal manner.

It shows their hilarious and believable lives as they balance work, friendship and love in Kawangware slums.

This talented cast includes Bernice Njeri (Njambi), Winnie Rubi (Awiti), Rebecca Mbithe (Kalekye) and Aisha Noor (Truphena).

Now serve with this and especially the intrigues of Njugush who unfortunately left the show and my days were made. I laugh so hard till all my problems disappear into oblivion.

For some other guys it could the rib cracking jokes on Churchill show that tickles their fancy. A jibe at Kikuyu’s from Sleepy David and a class demonstration from Professor Hamo and they embark on a laughing spree all the way from here to Cape Town.

Now these are just but a few of the local shows you can find on ShowMax which is Naspers’ answer to Netflix. ShowMax’s internet TV service gives you access to Africa’s biggest library of online entertainment for a pocket-friendly monthly subscription. Pick what you want, when you want it with no adverts and no interruptions. Other local shows you could find include Hapa Kule News, Kona and Auntie Boss.

ShowMax Select - just Ksh 330

Launched a year ago, ShowMax has the largest subscription video catalogue in Africa and offers a host of unique features, designed specifically for Kenyans, making the Ksh 330 price tag for ShowMax Select a serious bargain.

It guarantees you selected international and local content like Nashville, Teen Wolf and now also the local content we are just from talking about.

ShowMax Premium - just Ksh 880ShowMax Premium, which is only 880 bob a month, is even better as you get the full international and local catalogue with big Hollywood hits like Big Bang Theory, Suits and Arrow. You can also watch on two devices at the same time - so the kids can be busy watching Ben 10 while you can keep yourself engrossed in Butita’s girlfriend jokes. Everyone is happy.

Wait, there is actually more. You can stream these programs when connected to the internet and download up to 25 shows to watch on your mobile device when you’re offline. Download on Wi-Fi at the office and then watch offline without using any data! You can keep your downloads for 30 days too. Making sure you are entertained everywhere you are *even the office, hoping my boss is not reading this*.

So there you go, keep yourself abreast with what’s happening in the local scene at the best available price in the market with no hustle whatsoever. Just log into and get your free trial.


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