Dennis Okari explains why he has lost so much weight after his divorce

Since their divorce, Betty and Dennis Okari have been losing some weight. While Betty’s seemed more like the "I’ve been working out” kind of weight loss, Okari’s new look troubled many.

Dennis Okari and Betty Kayllo during their wedding last year

This is because he seemed very lean like someone who was battling a serious case of melancholy. With many concluding that he was slightly-depressed after his very public split from the TV goddess.

And that is why an interviewer on Mpasho TV decided to ask him what led to the weight loss.

“I’ve lost a lot of weight? How do you know that?” he asked the interviewer seemingly puzzled by the question.

The interview went on to disclose that he had been seeing Dennis on TV and he looks slimmer than he was before. “Were you working out?”  The other interviewer asked.

To which Dennis replied with “Let me be very honest with you, uuh towards the end of last year….uuhm I have tried to go to the gym. I have been on and off, on and off. I had an injury many years ago on my back so it stopped me from going to the gym while I was working in Mombasa. I used to work out then I got an injury then I stopped…” he said meaning the brawny Dennis Okari was as a result of not working out.

So the reason he is looking skinny right now is because he has been hitting the gym.


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