Kenyan Singer Kush Tracey has officially ditched secular music to join the gospel industry after four years in the game.

The song stress who started her journey in the music industry back in 2015 with a remix of “Huwezi ni Dandia” disclosed that she has been contemplating about switching sides and that’s why she decided to get saved.

Singer Kush Tracey

She added that for a longtime she fought with her inner spirit while doing Secular music and the year 2019 is about singing praises and worship songs.

Kush Tracey to Gospel music

“It has been a longtime coming,I always fought with my inner spirit every time I was doing secular music, but as I always say #Godaboveall I have given my life to Christ today and ready to embark on the journey to fulfill my divine destiny,my anointing,my praise,my worship will never be paralyzed by the devil again,well y'all know the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom to God be the glory AMEN,” shared Kush Tracey.

Singer Kush Tracey

The switch comes days (December 21) after she dropped a new song dubbed “Love Me” pouring out her heart desires and feelings towards her man.

Others who switched

Ms Tracey joins the likes of Cece Sagini, Amani Kenya, Size 8, Wahu and Alaine Laughton who also switched from Secular to gospel.

Singer Kush Tracey

Apart from her singing career, Kush is along a TV host at Switch TV on a programme dubbed “Chat Spot" alongside Nzula Makosi, Jacky Matubia and Nonny Gathoni.

Singer Kush Tracey, Nzula Makosi, Jacky Matubia, and Nonny Gathoni