I have no time for idlers- Willy Paul Claps back at Ringtone

Willy Pozee hits back

Ringtone attacked for claiming Willy Paul is a devil worshiper

Gospel singer Willy Paul has responded to Ringtone's unfounded allegations, stating that he has not time for idlers.

According to the Salido Records CEO, he is not ready to entertain idlers, as he is fully focused on making good music with no time to consume negativity from critics.

“I have no time for idle people. No, I won’t be pulled into such things. I am releasing songs, music for my fans, and the response is good. This is what I want people to discuss. This is the talking point not the sideshows,” said Willy Paul.

Singing for Fame

The Pamela hit maker (Ringtone) has been attacking Willy Paul with claims that he is a devil worshiper hiding in the gospel industry. He also came up with allegations that Tanzania’s Nandy aborted Willy Paul’s pregnancy.

In another video Ringtone is heard saying Willy and Bahati stopped singing for God and are now singing for their followers.

“Namlilia Bahati na Willy Paul wameacha Mwenyezi Mungu wamefuata umaarufu jamani sasa hawamwimbii mwenyezi mungu wanawaimbia followers. Sio Willy pekeake tunaye pia Bahati alianza kwa huruma watu wakampenda sana sasa anaambia watu hajali yeye ni mkali. Yesu anakuona atakuangusha kama glass. Bahati wachana na ya dunia Yesu atakusamehe,” said Ringtone is the song he was singing in the Instagram video.

On Thursday, Nacada Director Chipukeezy said that Ringtone had agreed to be taken to a rehabilitation Centre, but did not expound circumstances leading to his admission.

However, a section of netizens speculated that the latter might be undergoing a depression phase.

“Hey guys Mr Ringtone has accepted to go to rehab @ringtoneapoko” wrote Chipukeezy.


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