2015 was a year of ups and downs for singer Size 8.

Her highlight of the year was welcoming daughter Ladasha Belle but also the low point was losing her mother after welcoming her daughter.

Size 8 disclosed that she learnt of her mother’s passing while partially anaesthetized during her C-section as doctors feared for her life if she was fully put under anaesthesia. This was due to her delicate health condition at that time.

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“I was not fully awake but I could hear what was being said around me. I heard people whispering about how I should not be told that my mother had passed on. Ladasha, on the other hand, had completely refused to take to the bottle and doctors wanted her to be put on a feeding tube. They feared all this information coming at me at once could affect my health negatively,” She explained to Parent’s magazine.

Size 8’s mum had been suffering from kidney failure, diabetes and high blood pressure before her demise.