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Mama Wambo reveals why she has to give DJ Mo all the money she earns

DJ Mo and Size 8 surprised us with a secret wedding held at the Attorney General Chambers in 2013. 4 years later; the union has seen them grow spiritually, financially and as a family having brought forth their daughter Ladasha Belle in 2015.

Size 8 and DJ Mo and Ladasha Belle

“Mo is a hunter. I was kichwa mbaya when he tried wooing me and he never gave up despite me ignoring him because I had other things going on… He never used money to woo me” She said when describing how DJ Mo mange to pursue her despite the rich men offering her trips overseas and trying to please her with their money.

Years on, the couple is still very much in love and Size 8 recently gave us multiple reasons why she loves Mo.

“He has a fantastic heart, he has no problem of giving and doesn’t use anyone, he is quick to forgive…and my husband is hot! My husband is hot. I look at that man and go like, Holy Ghost…Jesus!!!” She said. In addition, she likes his ambition and drive since she doesn’t find unassertive men attractive.


However, there are some things she doesn’t like and thinks he should polish up on like he is very structural, he has to keep time, and things have to go structurally. There is no derailing him.

In addition to him being inflexible with his time and the way things have to go, he doesn’t allow her to spend money since she is very extravagant in her purchases.

“I’m a spendthrift."she told Xtian before admitting that whatever amount of money she makes she has to give to Mo, for safekeeping because she likes to shop.

"I can wake up and speeend!” She said before disclosing that that she once  bought hair that cost between 100,000 Kshs and 200,000 Khs.


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