Size 8 opens up about the multiple complications she had while giving birth

It was God...otherwise kangekufa- Size 8 confessed

For many women, the ordeal is extremely painful while for others it’s just outrightly horrific and scary. Such as Size 8 who had a very difficult pregnancy as she had hypertension due to her late mum’s illness which forced her to have an emergency c-section despite her desire to give birth naturally.

“I wanted a natural birth but I had so many complications in my pregnancy. Pressure ilikuja na pregnancy, ikapanda mtoto karibu atoke. Nikaenda kupimwa it was 178 ndio they told me they can’t let me go because after 160 it’s dangerous.” She disclosed on Mummy 101.

She was hospitalized then at 4 am she was induced but things didn't exactly go as planned.

“They induced me because I was insisting I wanted a natural birth. So ikakataa kabisa. I was feeling pain but sina hata nguvu. Hiyo pressure ilikuwa imenimaliza nguvu. Niko in pain but si dilate. Heartbeat ya mtoto inateremka chini. I was forced to go for a CS and cried as I didn’t want a CS.” Size 8 revealed and so she tried to see whether the baby would come but no avail. “I tried but my husband went and talked with the gynaecologist and I was wheeled into the theatre crying.”

DJ Mo’s quick thinking saved their daughter’s life as the surgeons found that the umbilical cord had wrapped around her daughter’s neck and her daughter was worryingly small.

“Waliponifungua walipata mtoto amejifunga, umbilical cord ilikuwa imejifunga kwa shingo, halafu tena kalikuwa kadogo. Kumbe hiyo pressure ilikuwa imeaffect placenta, chakula haikuwa inafika. It was God nilizaa na CS otherwise kangekufa.”She added.

After the horrific ordeal, Ladasha arrived into the world at 1.7 Kgs but unfortunately 24 hours later, Size 8’s mum passed away and Ladasha never got to meet her grandmother.

“I stayed in the hospital for a week then I went to see my mum’s body as I could not attend the burial as I couldn’t travel as I was sick and the baby was young.” Mrs Mo revealed.

Despite the complications, Ladasha has been her source of strength all through pregnancy and even after. “My baby’s kicks were a reason to move on and press on. I just look at that girl and I say ‘I have to fight to the death.’ I love my baby that’s why I post about her she is a miracle. I love my little angel.”

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