Size 8’s thighs cause an uproar on social media (Photos)

Size 8 has caused a furor with her latest look.

But being a Gospel artiste is even harder as people put you on a pedestal and expect you to behave in a certain way or dress in a certain way and are quick to pounce on you if you behave in a way that’s not pleasing to them.

Size 8 recently caused a furor on social media after stepping out with a mini-dress at the beach. And some people were quick to point out that as a Christian her thighs shouldn’t be exposed like that.

Yvonne Bulimo wrote “Really a born again, showing off your body like that may God forgive you.” with Ken Kensome adding “U don't have to show us those Thighs or u r preaching with them!!!!!”

Others like Austin Xavier expressed that that is not how a Christian should dress“Is that how a born-again-Christian is supposed to dress??????”

Others like Elfridah Nyaga had some wise words for those coming for Size 8’s mini –dress.“So she should swim in clothes? Take care of being religious..... The Pharisees were caught up in religion they actually missed out on salvation.”And Ndungu wa Maina expressed that Size 8 was dressed appropriately for the beach. “@austinexavier boss you wanted her to do jeans or dera on the beach. You judge Christians wrongly. Dress as per the place ur in.”

This unprecedented attack on Size 8 comes about a day after Miss Mandi stepped out in a low-cut top and was lambasted for ‘dressing inappropriately.’


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