Meet the Kenyan musician who spent Ksh.165M on skin lightening

Wololo Yaye!

The musician who is always an open being disclosed that he not only did skin lightning but he also owns the cream that was used. He adds that the herbal concoction that was employed on him was tailor made for his skin.

The ‘I need you more’ singer mentioned that he hired three specialized practitioners to carry out the flimsy job.

“The media and bloggers have always published my pictures with headlines like, ‘Kenyan Musician and model has bleached his skin’, but they have always been wrong, what I did was skin brightening’, wrote Sheldi.

The controversial singer hired specialists from China, London and the main physician is based in New York. The body cream he used was manufactured just for him and he claims to have exclusive rights thus anyone with intentions of using the same has to seek for his approval.

“I had to hire three physicians, one from China, the other from London and the main physician from New York City. They manufactured a special body cream just for me, and it is my copyright. No one else uses the cream, unless with my permission and authority”,

The singer had taken a break which he says was meant for soul searching. Apart from singing Sheldi is also a model.


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