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Meet 18 year old female Gaza gang member wanted by police [Photos]

"I tried offering her a job but she refused"

Sling Berry the lady asked to change

According to mystery Cop “Blackest Widow”, he had asked the young lady to reform from crime but she has refused.

Going by the screenshot of messages posted in “Dandora Crime Free” the police officer had a one on one with the young lady offering her a job if she decided to change.

The officer went ahead to wonder how people say that youth join criminal gangs simply because they don’t have a job, but in this case, the young lady has turned down the offer.


“Evening members...Wengi wenyu mnasemaga youths join this gang simply becoz they are jobless.What about her???18years-very comfortable being a member of gaza.Tried of offering her a job akaniambia nikae nayo. If she manages to go far, kwa kweli Mola amemkatalia...Blessed nyt” Posted Blackest Widow in Dandora Crime Free.

A number of Kenyans who know the young lady has joined the police officers to ask the lady identified as “Sling Berry” to change and refrain from crime.

“Sling we ni msiz wangu tumekua pamoja na ady kanisa moja plizzz reform aki tukona kcse inatuawait mwaka ikienda kuland aki uctake kuwa famous ju ya crime ama ndo uwe na mafans ukilala ni shati tu tutanunua na tukoshw uzoee kaburi ka wale wengine but mi cdai ifike iyo extent aki we just reform ju uwezi shindana na gava urui haisadii ju tumeona wengi na utakuwa wa kwanza nakupenda sana na ningetaka tumalize chuo fty na ady tupatane maisha ya campo but ucposkia hamna otherwise we reform akii nyege mob upunguzeeeeeee” Posted one Ghasia wa Mamake on Facebook

A number of photos have also revealed that the lady in question is still a high school student waiting to sit for KCSE.


To those who know this young lady, should inject some sense into her head so that she realizes the dangers of engaging in crime.

As always crime does not pay and KureForm Ndio Form.


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