Pretty Gaza Gang member forced to take action after scary warning from Hessy

You have two days to enjoy your life...

Sling Berry

There is Hessy wa Dandora, Hessy wa Eastlando, Hessy wa Kayole, Hessy wa Githurai, Hessy wa Mathare, and The Blackest Widow whose aim is to eradicate crime in impoverished areas with high crime rates.

The Hessys have been one of the most divisive public figures in recent times as there are those who feel like the teenagers should be rehabilitated instead of getting killed while there are those who are of the opinion that they should be killed because of the terror they have left in their wake. But the voices of those who want the kids helped have been drowned out by the voices of those who are just sick and tired of the Gangs of wayward youths. Kenyans’ opinions aside, the Hessys have proved to be unshaken and are still killing teen criminals.

And yesterday a lady identified as Sling Berry was warned that she would be killed if she didn’t quit crime. In the words of one of the Hessys’  ‘angekula copper’ if she didn’t quit crime and turn herself in meaning that she would be killed.

This warning was after 'The Blackest widow' asked her to reform because the cop had a job waiting for her. Requests that were met with haughty statements by the teenage girl who claimed that she does not fear the police and she doesn't need a job as a life of crime is much easier.

And her insolence seems to have irked the police and the Hessys have sent not one but 3 warnings.

“I urge u wherever u are just reform and write a statement with the police coz the way it’s now two days more for you to enjoy life my dear. All those warnings u have been given and still ur yapping how ur strong....we know how ur used to transport itokas n other deadly weapons.” Hessy Wa Mathare warned.

While Hessy wa Githurai sent out alist of the criminals he has killed before adding “Jus to mention a few walimezwa na copper ukisema hapana tambua serikali unajaribu kuonyesha nn ama pia akimezwa mtasema she was innocent meaning ur an enemy to the pple.”

While Hessy wa Dandora warned her that he is watching her.

Here are the posts:

Shaken to her core following these warning, Sling has since deactivated her account and is suspected to have gone into hiding.


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