5 things you should never share on social media

Not everything has to be shared on social media.

Posting these can either pose a serious threat to predators out there – remember Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery – or can just be a bit too much information for the public.

This is not to give social media a bad rep though as it equally has great benefits but when used well.

1.Your location

It is not necessary for everyone to know where you are at all times. This can pose a threat to your safety for those online lurkers that don’t have good intentions for you.

Don’t make yourself a target.

2.Relationship problems

Social media can act as an escape for a lot of people going through a rough patch in their relationships. If I had 1 million people following me and loving on me every day, I would absolutely feel compelled to tell them what’s going on too.

Only problem with that is that you invite 1 million opinions to something that was supposed to be between just you and your partner.

Learn to make some things private about your life – no one needs to know how he didn’t give it to you right the previous night. Plus it can end up embarrassing your partner in the process.

3.Every single detail about your life

It is not necessary to know when you wake up, go to the bathroom, and brush your teeth and how you like your toast in the morning every day because honestly no one really cares.

4.Too much information about your children

Online predators are real and posting too much information about your children on social media feeds their sickening intentions.

On top of that there are haters out there that can speak badly about your child and no one wants to hear bad things about their children.

5.Personal documents

Passport information, plane tickets should be kept away from social media. That’s your information and should stay with you.

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