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Wild reactions as socialite Amber Ray goes nude for the gram (Photo)

3D Manenos-She shared the photo on Instagram

Amer Ray Wild reactions as socialite Amber Ray goes nude for the gram (Instagram)

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau popularly known as Amber Ray has once again caused a stir on the internet after she shared a nude photo of herself.

On Thursday, the mother of one posted a nude photo with her private parts only covered with petals of rose flowers, leaving her 519K followers perplexed.

The photo in question elicited wild reactions, with a section salivating over curvaceous body while others thought it was too extreme for the internet .


The caption left under the picture reads “To some I’m the petals in the rose flower,and to others I’m the thorns in the rose flowers, but as for me, I just live my lovely life. Full of ups and a few downs, but I know the downs are just a break from the ups. To anyone who’s down right now, don’t forget to be yourself, and the highlights of your life are seasonal, so are the downs. Just breath and make sure I see you on my birthday. Happy new month #scorpiobaby

However this is not the first time Amber is stripping for the camera. In April she uploaded another photo standing before a mirror completely naked with only a glass of flowers covering her privates.

“This transition from good to great is kicking my a$$ but I refuse to be defeated #amberthebrand cc @zumaridiuzuri lipsticks #fridayshenanigans,” captioned Amber Ray.


shelmie_muliro “Wueh mi ni dem na nishapuliza izi petals na macho...naziona 6D”


iphone_fever “Aki nikikupea iphone utawekea wap hapo” and beautiful”


iamkhikaUphoto grapher lazma nijue”

 wayne_wa_wcbMpiga picha hali yake sasa”

just_deknowgram “kwa ground nani photographer”

lynnmaggeeAlafu kale kaupepo kalingoa watu weave kapite sai”


merciekeshy “The photographer really suffered”

charlie_oni#what’syourflavour!!lol looking good- confidence is key in everything!!!”

winniec.kitur “Our kenyan Cardi B, I salute u”

im_chazjaman, ww mtoto .unatutakia nini watoto wa kiume”

sawaflyWow, so you mean there's no white rose anywhere? Just wooow...”


aristotee_jr “Who taken this photo ndio nataka nimjue walai”

jaylanndosho “Ww ngoja rafiki za mtoi wako waanze kukucrushia ndio utajiheshimu”

vinskibble “At least ungereveal bush area tungeimagine the rest”

muzam_adil_doThe photo taker was he Real man ... I would have eat you there like for real Hhh flesh looks fresh”


stigma254collection “Si "kamera" man huvumilia.... Mimi better nishikwe na pepe mtaka kula mtu”

muzam_adil_doMkenya who can realy assist me to get this Queen like for real i just want her 100% 😢 i want her the way she is 100%”

musyoka3281Ni ruhusu nieke screen saver hii photo”

donslim52Tunaoumia ni sisi mashabiki”


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