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Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng strips naked for Baby Bump shoot (Photos)

Going all out for the Maternity Shoot

Actress Bridget Achieng during her Baby Bump Shoot

Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng has become the talk of the town, after stripping naked for the camera during her recent baby Bump shoot.

The heavily pregnant Ms Acheing has been flaunting her growing baby bump via her Instagram account with exquisite photos documenting her pregnancy journey.

On January 1st, Bridget took her followers by surprise after sharing naked photos from her maternity shoot.


“Out here feeling my unborn son’s heart beat and the heavy kicks. And praying for a smooth delivery , your grandma, aunties ,uncles , and my sweet friends who have been with me through this JOURNEY can't wait to hold you in their arms please come already,” wrote Achieng.

Pregnancy experience

The socialite went on to share her pregnancy experience for the last seven months. 

#32weeks of growing you hasn't been easy. I've been stretched in ways I couldn't have imagined, both spiritually and physically, but we are so excited to meet you baby! Thank you @purpleapplestudio for taking these pictures even though I wasn't feeling very good about myself. You remind me that God created me beautiful in his image regardless of my appearance...praying for peace and joy in the short amount of time we have left before he comes, this pregnancy has brought me close to my mum ...and she has gone length to make sure #sekani comes like a king , I'm so happy my new friends whom I got on this JOURNEY have been nothing but the best you know yourselves, When i just thought my world was crashing apart GOD brought helpers of destiny in deed God can't give you a task bigger than you ..I'm honestly ready to be a mum from the first day I knew I was pregnant...I'm going to give sekani my all ...thanks to my #igfamilyfor showing me love and giving me hope I'm HUMBLED," part of her statement read.


BBC Documentary

Last year, Bridget was at logger heads with BBC following a documentary that portrayed her as a high end prostitute.

The three-part documentary titled: Sugar featured Ms Achieng and two other young women confessing how they get sponsors to finance their lives.


The video went viral on social media forcing Achieng to raise an uproar claiming that BBC twisted the story to fit a certain narrative.


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