Socialite Corazon Kwamboka announces pregnancy with this exquisite photo

Congratulations Ms Kwamboka

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka . Socialite Corazon Kwamboka announces pregnancy with this exquisite photo

Socialite cum lawyer Corazon Kwamboka is set to be a mom after announcing pregnancy with a cute baby bump photo as she looks forward to welcoming a new born into this world.

An excited Kwamboka, said that she is grateful and happy to be carrying another life inside her.

The bootylicious socialite also pointed out that in January last year she was almost giving up on getting pregnant based on the fact that she had been diagnosed with Endometriosis.


“If someone told me January last year that I’d be feeling you kick deep in my belly at the sound of your father’s voice, I’d most definitely think they were deranged! Endometriosis had crippled my dreams of birthing a child. But here we are. A pleasant and welcomed surprise. I can’t wait to meet you. Hold you and teach you EVERYTHING I know," reads Part of her post.

Although, Ms Kwamboka didn’t reveal the name or face of the man who is responsible for the pregnancy, she mentioned that he has other kids and she likes how he takes care of them.

Baby's Father

“To the baby’s father; I couldn’t have chosen a better person to do this with. I see the good in you and how you raise your own and I know my child will be loved ETERNALLY,” wrote Ms Kwamboka.

Frankie and Corazon

Rumour has it that Ms. Kwamboka is in a romantic relationship with fitness trainer Frankie Justgymit.

In March, Corazon and Frankie further fueled the dating rumours after she shared a suggestive photo of them inside a house together, which she captioned with the word ‘Quarantine’.

Ms. Kwamboka uploaded a photo where Frankie was posing behind her, ogling at her fat-butt.

The two have been spotted together on several occasions, insinuating that they might be an item now, basing on the fact that Frankie parted ways with his Baby Mama while Corazon also dumped her Italian Boyfriend.


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