Plastic surgery or just good genes? Vera Sidika Finally drops the secret to her incredible waist-to-hip ratio

Since she jumped into the limelight as an endowed video vixen in P-Unit’s and Collo’s ‘You Guy’, Vera Sidika’s assets have become a point of discussion.

Her ample derrière which she fondly refers to as ‘Roxy’ has catapulted her into fame as people were curious about the source of her endowment. 'Is it good genes or a good surgeon? ' was the question on many people’s mouths, but as she revealed during an interview with Shaffie Weru her butt is 100% real.

Her exquisite waist has also been a subject of interest due to her insane, waist to hip ratio. She has been spotted working out severally but as she revealed, her stomach is that skinny due to Detox tea.

" It's been a long time coming and finally...exposing that little secret I've been hiding from y'all for a while now. Secret to my Flat stomach. Veetox is about to be every girls' favorite as it helps reduce bloating, improve metabolism, cleanse digestive system, & helps remove excessive fat deposits from your body (especially tummy)” she disclosed.

It seems that she got over the ‘Flat Tummy Tea’ drama and decided to launch her own range of teas.


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