Some days are very hard – Ruth Matete opens up on how she has been dealing with grief

Ruth Matete buried her husband in July

Singer Ruth Matete

Singer Ruth Matete has opened up on how she has been handling grief, months after the death of her husband BelovedJohn Apewajoye, who died due injuries sustained from a gas explosion incident at their home.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Ms Matete who is expecting her first child said that it has not been easy, and some days have proven to be very hard.

She mentioned that sometimes her mind tells her she has taken too long mourning the late husband, but she has made her mind not to be hard on herself.

The Damu Yako singer mentioned that she is waiting for the day God will heal her completely, despite having doubts sometimes, whether the pain will ever go away.

Ruth Matete said that she has asked God give her a new heart, and until God grants her prayer, that is the time she will smile and laugh.

She added that her focus is on serving God until she heals completely.

Truth is some days are very hard. When death knocks at your door, there's nothing you can do. Some days, voices in my head tell me am taking too long in this mourning phase. But I have made up my mind not to be hard on myself. I patiently wait for the day God will heal me totally. But the again, some days I doubt if this kind of pain can totally heal. So I ask God to give me a new heart instead. Till then, I'll smile when God gives me a chance to. I will laugh when God allows me to. But above all, I will keep serving Him My hair is a gift from @ctylebycindy_glamhouse_hair_ke #Pstruthmatete #thejourneytomyhealing #GodcanGodwillGodwins,” wrote Ms Matete.


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