She was pregnant right under our noses! Kenrazy's wife shocks many with unexpected childbirth (Photos)

2017 is certainly a year full of surprises when it comes to celebrity pregnancies and births.


But I think the biggest surprise of them all comes from Kenrazy’s wife Sosuun who today disclosed that she had welcomed her 2born daughter on 5April.

The most interesting part of it all is that she was pregnant right under our noses and even went on to shoot music videos without anyone noticing, it’s like she was wearing some invisibility cloak over her belly.

As her hubby Kenrazy revealed, she released the video to ‘Kufunikwa’ on September 16, 2016 and on November 22, 2016 she released ‘Toroka’ Video but the biggest shocker was that she released ‘Amani’ at 7 month’s pregnant and fans were still in the dark.

But they are not in the dark anymore as the couple revealed that they have a new child in the house called Freneth Highness Aketch who arrived on 5April 2017.

And  a few days after giving birth, Sosuun was already back up and managed to post this message on Instagram “In a world where a girl can't transform into a grown woman comfortably, where a woman has to choose between a career and building her family bcz in so many ways the society has made it almost impossible for her to have both and still be successful especially in our Arts, Music, Media and Film industry BUT rules were created for rebels; your dreams should excite u and not enslave you,aint nothing can stop u from raising above the water and all the heavy waves it brings with it, be that, " PURE AFRICAN WOMAN IN THE CITY"

And Kenrazy could not help but gush about the phenomenal woman in his life.


It has been 9months and we thank God for the gift He has given us. During the 9months of pregnancy, @Sosuun continued to release smash hits one after another.

01. September 16th, 2016 she released #KUFUNIKWA Video

02. November 22nd, 2016 she released #TOROKA Video

03. Then February 16th, 2017 she released #AMANI Video [at 7months pregnant]

Sosuun has a passion and strength that is just unmatched." He wrote.


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