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Unknown details about Steve Mbogo

8 things you should know about Steve Mbogo

Everything about his life is fast lane. From flashy cars, to dope interiors, clothes and shoes and even to the parties he throws.

However, there are things that many people do not know about the flamboyant business man. Some of them are;


Steve Mbogo does not take alcohol, he smokes.

The priciest gift he has ever gifted someone was Sh.30 million house he gave one of his girl friends on her birthday.

By the time he clocked 22 years, the tycoon already owned a house and was rolling with an AMG Mercedes Benz S.

The former aspirant wears Louis Vuitton shoes which he buys them for Sh. 200,000.

He is a billionaire who accounts for every little cent he earns.


Well, he claims to also own an aviation company with 16 planes. “I do commodities trading and I am in real estate. “

Mbogo has four Benzes; the oldest is a two-year old E class, 3 Land Cruisers VX and a Rolls Royce Phantom

Steve Mbogo was recently ordered to pay Sh. 10 million after he lost a high court case. Mbogo filed a petition in last year September seeking to have Jaguar’s August polls victory upheld.

On Monday, Justice Fred Ochieng ruled that Jaguar was duly elected. Ochieng stated that Mbogo did not give evidence of the forms claimed to have been signed adding that allegations of disparities were not substantiated.


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