Steve Mbogo’s tough message to Nyakundi after cheating claims

The blogger claimed that Steve Mbogo’s wife cheated on him with the driver.

Steve Mbogo and his wife

This is due to claims that he is having an affair with a socialite named Haentel Wanjiru.

Facebook sleuths unearthed photos of the two in the same locations in Belgium (Brussels) and Italy as evidence to back up their claims.

A picture taken outside a top luxury hotel called the ‘The Hotel Brussels’ seemed to incriminate the two and many concluded that he was cheating on his wife Nina with the socialite.

Deleted photos

In addition, Nina and her husband’s Instagram accounts lacked the lovely couple photos that once adorned their pages, the couple were also no longer following each other on Instagram. A situation that further fueled the cheating rumours.

As the infidelity rumours spread like wildfire, blogger Cyprian Nyakundi wrote an article that claimed that Steve Mbogo had taken Haentel for a trip in Europe to ease his frustration after his wife cheated on him.

Responding to the rumours flying around, Steve Mbogo first shared a cryptic message on his Instagram feed that read “It’s only the trees with fruits that people throw stones at...#thembogos”

He later went on to issue a full statement that read “For the past two years, I have been a victim of cyber bullying and slander... many bloggers and journalists have accused and attacked me falsely but I have always kept cool coz they always made me stronger n my success has always proved them wrong... Shockingly, they have now taken the war to my family... just recently a blogger by the name Cyprian Nyakundi published an article accusing my wife of cheating on me and stating that I took a girl to Europe to ease my frustrations,, a lady I don’t even know ! This statements are completely false and have caused a lot of pain to me and my family.. Publishing such false articles tells us the level of disrespect and jealousy that is within many! I want to remind them not to take my silence for weakness!! We all have seen such characters abusing Prominent Leaders and People in the past and they brag about it ...I Am Steve Mbogo and I assure You this is the last articles you will publish about me and my family!!!... Just be reminded that Your Stupidity will never bring us down!! Enough is Enough...#watajuahawajui”

Fans React

This is how fans of the couple reacted to his statements:

rukia_ali_daud: Don’t mind them,Keep your head high and do you.Haters will always be there.

Isabellanattycatenatty: Beautiful Family. Stay Strong to embarrass dem Haters and jealousy pple

ju_gigis: Thank God the story going round is not true.

Nyarboss: Beautiful family but keep off them slay queens they will break your family

Malijasho: Wewe ni wewe wacha waseme.

Wangasumba: Ma Shaa Allah looking good

Viktarpharell: Hii pic siniya kitambo


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