Stivo Simple Boy accuses Harmonize of stealing his song

Mafans wanasema Song yetu imeibiwa!

Stivo Simple Boy accuses Harmonize of stealing his song

'Mihadarati' hit maker Stivo Simple Boy has come out to accuse Tanzanian singer Harmonize of stealing his song ‘Inauma but itabidi uzoee’ featuring Byzzo the baddest.

The singer took to Instagram to say that he and his fellow singer had received texts and calls from fans telling them that Harmonize had stolen their song.

They went ahead to state that Harmonize’s management had not communicated with them or asked for permission to use their song.

Hata mimi nimeshinda kupigiwa simu natumiwa matexts mafans wanasema ngoma yetu ya ‘inauma but itabidi uzoee’ imeibwa na harmonize bana. Na kutoka si tuupload hiyo ngoma hakuna mtu yeyote amewahi tuomba ruhusa kutumia hiyo ngoma hata tumeongea na management yetu tumewauliza kama kuna communication imefanyika but wamesema hakuna tho wanaendelea kuchunguza. So venye si tuko hapa hatujui anything na hakuna mtu alituomba ruhusa,” said Byzzo.

The alleged song that Harmonize is said to have stolen is called ‘Hainistui’ which the Tanzanian singer released on 3rd January.

In the song, Harmonize has used the words ‘inauma ila itabidi wazoee’ towards the end of his song. The Uno hit maker has not responded to the claims and neither has his management.

I'm giving you a week to take down the song - Magix Enga

This is not the first time the Tanzanian singer has been accused of stealing another artiste’s song.

Last year, Kenyan music producer Magix Enga gave singer Harmonize a 7 day ultimatum, to pull down the song Uno on grounds that he had stolen the song from him.

The self-declared Beat King stated that he was ready to petition to the YouTube management and have the song pulled down, if the former WCB signee did not act accordingly.

In his statement, the music producer accused Harmonize of copying the hook and beats used in his song with King Kaka titled Dundaing.

The song was pulled down from YouTube when it had just received over a million views but it was later re-uploaded after the copyright issues were sorted out between Harmonize and Enga.


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