Switch TV’s Kush Tracy gives update on her battle with Covid-19 after second test

Kush tests positive again

Kush Tracey

Switch TV Presenter Kush Tracey will be forced to spent more days in self-Isolation after testing positive for Covid-19 for the second time.

In her update, Tracey mentioned that she took her second test for the novel Coronavirus and unfortunately they result came back positive.

“Got tested again for #COVID19 and the results have come back still positive. That means another few days in isolation again. But Hey, A GIRL IS DOING GOOD

COVID-19 IS REAL WATU WANGU & IT’S MANAGEABLE, THOU SHALL OVERCOME AYE, AMEN #COVID19 #update #day11 counting from the next day after I first found out I tested positive for corona virus #isolation” reads Kush Tracey’s update.

Kush went public with her Covid-19 positive status about 12 days ago, but she is fairing on well.

“Fam i have tested positive for covid-19. we are all susceptible to this virus because it is here with us & and it is so real for those who think its a joke. but so far so good i feel fine-ish at the moment & i thank god & am trusting him to get me through this. be safe coz we can all gerrrit. and you just don't know how you'll get it & where you'll get it from. in regards to work, I'll be off air & work for the next few weeks as i isolate & take care of me but i will be updating my progress & this experience on my youtube channel link is on my bio” shared Kush Tracey.

Currently, the number of those who have tested Positive for Covid-19 in Kenya stands at 33, 016 after 213 more people tested positive in the last 24 hours.

However, 5 more patients have succumbed to the deadly disease, bringing the total fatalities to 564.


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