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I didn't go to school for two months because of being bullied - Talia Oyando

Talia Oyando's high school days weren't as rosy as one would think.

Such was the case for TV host Talia Oyando, who recounted having suicidal thoughts due to being bullied when she was in high school.

“I got into depression and there were times when I wondered, should I even be living? Is it all worth it?” she narrated on Ebru TVs Let’s Talk.

Things got so bad for the presenter that she refused to go back to school for two months; a decision that even her high school director could not change.


“The owner of the school would drive to the house everyday on his way to the school and he would come in everyday and say ‘let’s go’ and I’d be like ‘no’.

Despite the director’s persistence to help Talia out, she stood her ground and continued to remain mum on her reasons for her disinterest in going back to school.

“He would ask me, ‘Why don’t you want to go back to school? What’s going on?’ and I would just say no,” she continued.

Talia revealed being scared of being a ‘snitch’ as the main reason behind her silence.

Ms Oyando would even go as far as faking a sickness or fake faint in order to avoid staying in school.


“Bullying is real and I just want to say to parents that if you see your kids, talk to them , it’s okay to be friends with them so that they can at least tell you what’s going on,” she urged, having previously, in past interviews, revealed that she never told her parents about her being bullied.


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