Tanasha Donna has clocked her first million on Instagram, joining the coveted millionaires club of Instagram.

Miss Donna’s profile has grown expeditiously since meeting Diamond as she was teetering at approximately 40,000 followers in November before they went public.

Tanasha and Diamond (Instagram)

The snowballing profile can be attributed to her Tanzanian followers as they are known to be very active on Instagram.

Associating with the Bongo superstar has also seen the growth of his other baby mama’s profiles with Zari leading at 5.9 Million followers while Hamisa Mobetto has 4.1 Million followers.

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Diamond’s children

Nillan and Tiffah (Instagram)

However, it’s not only his baby mamas who enjoy a massive following thanks to him. His daughter Tiffah Dangote made history after emerging as the most followed toddler in the world with 2.2 million followers. The only child who comes close is DJ Khaled’s son Asahd Khaled who has 1.8 million people following him.

At only 3 years old, Tiffah is already an influencer who works for South Africa’s luxury dresses & accessories brand Cherish.

She is also the brand ambassador for 3 brands, NMB Bank Tanzania, Vodacom Tanzania and GSM Mall. With around 867,000 followers on Instagram, her brother Nillan is the Baby Shop Brand ambassador.

Tiffah (Instagram)

At only 40 days old Lattifah was picked as the brand ambassador for Baby Shop at Msasani City Mall and Pugu Mall in Tanzania. The Baby shop contract was worth 1 million Tanzania shillings (Ksh47, 000) at the time while the National Microfinance Bank (NMB) of Tanzania one was worth TSh 50 million (Ksh 2.4 million).

Breaking the good news on social media, Zari wrote “ First of all, I want to thank God for blessing my little girl and I am happy to announce that from today, my little girl Princess Tiffah has become the BabyShop brand ambassador at Msasani City Mall and at Pugu Mall in Tanzania. The BabyShop complimentary contract is worth Sh1 million Tanzania shillings (Sh47,000) and the contract is valid for one year. National Microfinance Bank (NMB) of Tanzania also jumped on board and offered TSh 50 million (Ksh 2.4 million) to Diamond and Zari for their cute princess to promote the company’s Junior Account as well as feature as the face of the bank in some occasions.”

Nillan was also named as the Baby Shop Brand ambassador during his 40th-day unveiling.

Nillan's 40th (Courtesy)

Going by this trend, if Tanasha decides to open an Instagram account for her son once he is born, he could make millions before celebrating his first birthday thanks to his famous dad.