Tanasha Donna forced to defend Diamond after his baby shower photo went viral

Tanasha clears the air

Tanasha Donna forced to defend Diamond after his baby shower photo went viral

Tanasha Donna has come out to defend Diamond Platnumz’s dress-code during her baby shower, following a heavy backlash from fans on grounds he was rocking a shirt bought by his baby mama Zari Hassan.

Diamond’s photos from the Baby shower were widely circulated on social media, pitted against other pictures he took in 2017, holidaying in Mombasa with Zari, wearing the same shirt.

Following the virality of the photos, Ms Donna disclosed that she knew her boyfriend did not like the outfit. 

“I know you hated your outfit and your look, but I loved it. You always sexy to me. Love this man,” reacted Tanasha Donna.

A section of fans castigated Tanasha, stating that she had failed to take care of her man, leaving him to repeat clothes on her big day “Baby Shower”.

Here are reactions from fans who were bothered by the outfit;

winnienags77 “Finally the shirt will rest in peace after the all messages reached to whom may concern”

zee_superbosslady “If he claims to be rich and young why not buy another shirt, to put on”

sharryedris “She trying buh deep inside we know she hurting,how on yo "special day"would u allow yo "husband" to wear memories of his ex?shawty lying!she tryin' 2 defend the "indefendable"...All tachira,Namastey !like WTf?”

bosslady_uniq “He looooooooved this shirt, Tarzan mad mad cos the shirt has beautiful memories and was bought with love”

shillahkwe “They had no money to buy a shirt which is expensive so it was only the expensive shirt in the closet”

Its not Easy

Being a celebrity is not a walk in the park. People always seem to have a narrative for the dos and donts for celebrities.


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