Tanasha Donna shuts down fan over bleaching allegations

Moto wa kuotea mbali.

Tanasha Donna (Instagram)

Since she started dating Diamond, Tanasha has received a lot of backlash from fans.

And they have not yet let up and are now resorting to ridiculous claims like Tanasha has bleached her face.

“Hello mkorogo miguu mweusi uso mweupe,” read a mean comment on the photo above.

A post that Tanasha quickly shut down with “Kweli? Woooi ninunulie bleaching cream basi please. (She clearly doesn’t know what contrast is).

Thick Skin

In an earlier interview with a local blog, Tanasha admitted that at first these kinds of comments used to sting her and made her very insecure but with time she has developed a thick skin.

She said that Diamond told her that the kind of social media bullying she is facing pales in comparison to what his exes like Zari Hassan faced when she kept on being pitted against Wema Sepetu. Diamond told her that with time fans would warm up to her and thankfully most people got on board with the Diamond-Tanasha relationship.

The NRG presenter admitted that she would cry a lot due to the relentless bullying during the initial stages of her relationship with Diamond.

Though she may have cried initially, Tanasha has been showing that she too can bare her teeth when it comes to exchanges with vicious fans. When fans tried to check her over her mode of dressing by calling it ‘incident dressing’, Tanasha was swift with the clap back and made it clear that she is not changing to impress people.

“I will never stop being who I am to impress other people ever. I am more the swaggish tomboyish, 90s retro type of girl. Swag is me. I am a 90s baby. 23 fam. I’ll wear the occasional dress to dinner or a big event/red carpet or when I am feeling girly and that my dear people will not change. You’ll know Kenyan girls don’t change who they’re to impress others. The way I was before is the same way I will always be. Flower dresses will never be me. Sorry not sorry, mtazoea tu,” read Tanasha’s post.


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