Tanasha Donna’s gay bestie calls out ladies dating deadbeat men

Was the Jibe aimed at Tanasha?

Tanasha Donna’s gay bestie calls out ladies dating deadbeat men

Tanasha Donna’s gay bestie Mpenzi Chokuu has raised eyebrows among his followers after taking a jibe at women who still date Deadbeat men.

In a post seen by Pulse Live, Chokuu expressed displeasure in women who always start a relationship with a man, with the knowledge that he is not taking care of the kids he got with other women.

“If you see somebody Baby Daddy not doing shit for their Child, not even trying to spend time or be in his child’s life. How the Fuck can you as a woman date him? Let alone get pregnant by the Muthafucka then lay your ass up under him knowing he got some of y’all bitches Foul and been foul, but you know everybody ain’t going to like or feel this status because they know the bitch I’m talking about,” wrote Mpenzi Chokuu.

The post ignited mixed reactions among his Instagram followers, with a section linking it to Ms Donna.

This forced Chokuu to clear that air saying “Mwatuonea Gere na Tanasha! we ain’t beefing sis Chietha.”

Reactions from Kenyans

mary_ogambi “Waache kufilter aki that's a direct message 🙄to her kwani Nani hajui Dee is deadbeat dad and she went ahead and got paged with him 😹😹😹 anyway hainihusi sikio Wala ndewe acha niende zangu 😂😂😂😂”

african_amazon_ ‘Kenyans are not seeing that the point he made here is true, they're rather interested if he's a she or a he”

idris_auraIs the message true or false? Kenyans have deviated to ask if chokuu is a man or woman. Go ask chokuu atakujibu 💯”

kesar_2gloccs_ ‘Lakini apo kwa ma baby daddy ni ukweli.. how do you end up having a kid with such a person ladies..? Coz I know a lot and it's so sad😠😧”

ebonycharmaineceyonne “It seems like this is a direct message to tanasha lol ijs.”

sonniemeryl “But thats true #tanasha ulijiwaste bureeee”


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