Tanzanian radio presenter forced to apologize after Tanasha threatened to sue him (Video)

The presenter was also summoned by Diamond Platinumz's Lawyer to explain himself

Tanasha Donna, Naseeb Junior and Mwijaku

Tanzanian Radio Presenter Mwijaku is begging Tanasha Donna for forgiveness after she threatened to sue him over claims that he is Naseeb Junior’s father.

Speaking during a press Conference in Dar es Salaam, Mwijaku mentioned that he was misunderstood by those who propelled his words hence the need to clarify and apologize to Mama Nasseb.

The outspoken presenter said that being an African man who comes from the same village with Diamond Platnumz, kids always belong to the society and saying Naseeb Junior is his Son doesn’t necessarily mean he is the biological father.

Mwijaku eats a humble pie

“Mimi niliposema Naseeb Junior Mtoto wa Diamond na Tanasha mtoto wangu, tena Damu yangu, nyinyyi labda mli-interpret negative. Mimi ni mtu wa Kigoma, Diamond Platnumz ni mtu wa Kigoma. Tunaposema sisi watu wa mkoani hasa watu wa kigoma sisi ni Ndugu kwa hiyo mtoto wa Mkubwa Mwenzio ni mtoto wako. Mtoto wa mkubwa mwenzangu sio mkubwa mwenzangu. Na sisi watu wa mkoani mtoto wa mwenzangu ni wakwangu. Kwa huyu ni damu yangu kwa sababau mimi na Diamond tunatoka Kigoma japo sio Biological lakini ni damu yangu kikabila.

Lakini hii pia inategemea sio wote wanaamini mila na desturi za Kitanzania. Kwa hiyo labda niliposema sema huyu mtoto damu yangu kuna wale walioelewa tofauti. Labda wakasema huyu anaposema sema hivi basi huyu mtoto ni Biological wa kwake, lakini si hivyo, sio Biological wa kwangu. Kwa hiyo nimuombe Tanasha radhi and wakenya pia waniwieradhi maana mimi ni mtu wa mkoani naishi kutokana na mila na desturi zetu maana sikusema kwa ubaya” explained Mwijaku.

Mwijaku also pointed out that he was questioned by Diamond Platnumz's lawyer who also demanded and apology from him.

Just the other day, Ms Donna had threatened to take Mwijaku to Court for misleading the public by claiming he is Naseeb Junior’s father.

“EMPTY VESSELS MAKE THE LOUDEST NOISE SIS. You know EMPTY? He will be receiving a letter from my lawyer soon. Let’s see if he’l still be as enthusiastic by the time he’s in court,” said Ms Donna.

The Radio hit maker’s reaction came after legendary singer Ray C advised her to sue the Tanzanian radio presenter Mwijaku.

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