Otile Brown and Timmy in another bitter fight, days after exchanging blows

What could be the problem?

The musicians who now seem to be in a war of words have taken to their social media accounts to hit out at one another, with Otile Brown referring Timmy to a woman who cannot shut her big mouth.

He went ahead and dared Timmy to come out and say the truth as to why the former Bffs fought and asked him to thank the two men that stopped their fight.

“Kasabunians your woman representative can't shut his big mouth, am playing it cool but he is out here giving false information and so I won't be quiet.. Wish he could say what truly happened heheh..never underestimate a singer or the quiet ones , utapigwa ulie .. Thank Shafie and prezzo," read Otile’s post.

Timmy also went ahead and revealed the reason for their fight which is supposedly a woman. He also asked him to keep his loose girl before she gets lost.

“Sasa kama mtu wako yuko loose kama change,si umweke kwa mfuko..coins ni rahisi kulost na unacheza nazo karibu na shimo ya choo my G!Hope ume learn,” read Timmy’s post.

The two musicians who have been enjoying a cordial friendship after they collaborated in the song hit song ‘Wembe’ four months ago. They fought when they went to meet Vanessa Mdee who was in Kenya to launch her album.


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