Team Mafisi on Telegram threaten to leak nudes belonging to Kilimani Mums administrator

Two massive social media groups are engaged in a vicious battle as each seeks to shame the other.

Since its formation Kilimani Mums Facebook Group has held the forte as the biggest and quite influential social media group for women.

On another platform this time Telegram, another group, this time for men Team Mafisi has come up. As the name suggests this is a group for the thirstiest ninjas around.

It has grown in such a small time thanks largely to its seemingly unending source of sleaze. From nudes to sex pictures and videos, there is a lot for the lustful to feed on.

This has mode the group more infamous among women especially those who have ever fallen victim or have a friend who has and had her nudes shared on the platform.

Given the differing ideals of the groups, they have been clashes but none as big as the current one.

What started as a dare has since moved on to a serious case with Kilimani Mums looking to have the administrator of Team Mafisi arrested and the group closed.

It started with the Team Mafisi admin announcing in the group saying he had got the number of Purity Nduta Macharia the administrator of Kilimani Mums.

He went further to tell that he has in his possession her nudes and he had the intention of releasing them though he was open to negotiations. He gave her up to evening of that day.

This was some point last week and the reply from Nduta was curt and dismissive as she called his bluff even on social media.

Nothing was ever revealed despite the anxiety and attention the issue had caused. Now the game has changed and KMMU administrator is going after her Team Mafisi nemesis.

This is after one of the KMMU members announced the predicament of a friend who committed suicide following the leaking of her photos to the public as they were shared in the Team Mafisi group.

There were fears that Team Mafisi had been closed but new report say it has been placed in the advertisement section. With such a showdown looming, you are best served if you watch the drama as it unfolds.


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