About 9 months ago, Tedd Josiah broke the tragic news that his fiancée

The couple had just had a baby and were set to officially wed in 2018 when an undetected internal bleeding claimed her life.

A few months after Regina’s unexpected demise, Tedd Josiah lost his job and it took the help of angels on social media to help him keep his head up and raise their daughter Jamila.

“This journey has been easier because of social media,” Tedd said in regards to going through the sudden loss of his wife.

And when he lost his job, an unexpected package from a person on social media changed everything.

“I lost my job 3 months after her (Jamila) mum died and I’m sitting in the sitting room thinking to myself ‘okay so we are about to lose the house next’ and we are about to lose our whole world next. And someone on social media asked me to send my address as they have a parcel for me and I thought it was a card. But it was a whole box of brand new clothes and baby stuff and I’m thinking ‘Wow God bless this person, they don’t know how this has sort of helped me understand that this is not that bad.’  There are people looking out for you despite the fact that you don’t even know they are there. There have been tons of people who have come and supported us in the journey and it’s not just the stuff, it’s the prayers.” He said on the Lets Talk Show.

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