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Tedd Josiah celebrates late fiancee on her birthday with emotional message

This is a very touching message.

Regina left behind their now eight-month-old baby, Jamilah Josiah.

A heartbroken Tedd has never missed a chance to remember his late finacee, regularly celebrating her in his social media posts. Her birthday was no different.

Taking to his Instagram, the music producer penned down an emotional message to his fiancée revealing that her birthday doubled up as her baby shower.


“This would be a month to look forward to for you. Last year your birthday was also your baby shower and you glowed like an angel. As you rest with the angels I will celebrate you with my head held up in pride. Your pride was your home & your little family.” he wrote.

Choosing to celebrate her on her special day, Tedd further praised her for proving to him that relationships can actually work provided that it is built on the right foundation.

“Many, many people say relationships don’t work but you showed that they do. A woman can be faithful to a man and a man faithful to a woman and a home can be built on love, patience and hard work. Not fame and fast cash.”

“Watch over us and let everyone praying for us do so diligently,” he concluded.

Tedd and Regina were set to tie the knot this year.


His wife-to-be Regina complained of a headache on a Friday and when she told Ted, he advised her to go for a blood test and she promised that she would go for it on Saturday.


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