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Lamba Lolo Crew in bitter fall out with their Manager

Leo ni Kulamba Lolo!!!

In an escalated twitter thread, Mwakitele Kitawi, has expressed his disappointment in working with the music group who gained fame after their trendy song



But as it turns out, the crew has been doing a lot of things behind his back, yet he has invested his money in their music.

”A lot of industry guys told me to stay away from and it was gonna be rough. Nothing prepared me for the fuckery today. I was wrong and I shoulda listened.First of all, these guys weren’t a group. They just got together for that one song. So I suggested they try out the group thing for a year and if it doesn’t work, they can figure their shit out. They said cool. So basically, I hit these guys up when ‘Lamba Lolo’ had a ka small buzz. Before 100k views around June. At the time all I wanted was to pay for a new ‘polished’ video. However, I realized that one of the reasons the video even trended was because of how raw and real it was” shared Teleh Mani.

He added that some crew members have been going behind his back to book their own shows with pay of as little as 2K.

“We hustle and get these guys gigs including my own Ofcourse while still trying to figure out the brand. We realize one of the boys has been booking his own shows where he goes solo with his close pals for 2k-4K Ma bucla. the group is unhappy esp since he’s the popular one”

However, Teleh Mani went ahead to disclose that he will no longer be working with the Ethic crew, but he has two songs with them “Position and Saba” that he will monitor until he gets his money back.


Check out the thread HERE

Twitter Thread


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