Terence Creatives bold confession about his smoking addiction leaves many encouraged

I used to smoke 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day -Terence

Comedian Terence Creative

Online Comedian Terence Creative is celebrating 2 years 7 months since he quit smoking and he has shared a highlight of 6 things that impacted his life negatively due to his smoking addiction.

In his bold confession, Terence pointed out that he used to smoke 2-3 packs of Cigarettes a day, and at the time, his wife rarely kissed him for over 5 years.

“2 YEARS 7 MONTHS WITHOUT SMOKING 🚬 🚬🚬🔥🔥I used to smoke 2 - 3 packs of cigarettes a day, when clubbing I would do shisha as well and weed once in a while,my friends made shisha sound less harmful than cigarettes which was a lie,every smoke is harmful and can kill,” wrote Terence in part.

Negative effects

Here are some of the negative effects that were brought about by Terence Creative’s smoking addiction.


1.My wife rarely kissed me those days for over 5years hivi.

2.people disrespected me and some opted to pay me with smokes instead,they would say “huyo bora umpelekee fegi,atakujenga “

3.i lost some jobs coz of my addiction.

4.i was fooled that while smoking I was more creative - uongo

5.i had bleeding gums and very strong body odour

6.breathing difficulties,coloured teeth and many other bad things that come with smoking.

I am glad I did quit,you too can quit,sio hard,I had smoked over 20years #smokingAintCool #smokingkills 🚬🚬⚰️ 🚬🚬 #wachaFegi #terencecreative,” wrote Terence Creative.

The confession left a good number of his followers encouraged, with a section praising him for opening up to inspire others.


kalekyemumo “Waooo the power of the mind. I salute you for taking back your power 🙌🏾”

tomdaktari “Congrats so far man. Hata Mimi ntawacha kusengenya”

jaspermurume “Honestly bro mimi I'm proud of you. Hii vita umewezana”

bry_yce ‘Safi sana bro👏👏💯”

derrickbiwott “Great and may God continue guiding you to the right path.May you be a testimony to others”

baruthiwagikuyu “Wow 👏👏 well done 👍”

glany.nimu ‘Woow aki thanks for sharing that”

_moses_chacha “That's what you get when you put your mind into something”

ahmedrecipes “I want to start that journey”

jerry_mokua “👏👏👏 you have not only quite but motivated others to follow the same path”


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