10 Kenyan celebrities who gave birth in 2017 (Full List )

See every celebrity baby born in 2017.

Here is the list of female celebrities who welcomed their kids this year.

1. Saumu Mbuvi

Nairobi Governor’s daughter Saumu welcomed her firstborn daughter Sasha a day before sister Salma’s birthday with her birth date being either 9 or 10 March 2017.

2. Sosuun

On 5th April 2017 one Freneth Highness Aketch made a surprising debut to the world as many did not know that her mum was pregnant. It was only her family, friends and close associates who knew that Sosuun was pregnant.

As her hubby Kenrazy revealed, she released the video to ‘Kufunikwa’ on September 16, 2016 and on November 22, 2016 she released ‘Toroka’ Video while she was preggers but the biggest shocker was that she released ‘Amani’  during her 7 month of pregnancy and fans were still in the dark.

3. Wendy Kimani

Staying true to their name the Onderwater’s welcomed their son Taji through an underwater homebirth on May 6th, 2017.

4. Sharon Mundia aka This is Ess

Unlike most celebrities who choose to break the news of their new bundle of joy on social media, the birth of Sharon’s baby was actually broken by her co-host Susan Wong during an episode of ‘Our 2 Cents’ in early May. "Hey, guys welcome to another episode of Our 2 Cents but Sharon cannot be here because she popped! She popped and she has a baby now, we love her, and I know you will continue sending love through your comments and tweets." Susan announced.

5. Lulu Kibaara

Lulu Kibaara who was part of the 5th season of Tusker Project Fame became the mum to a beautiful girl named Yanna on May 18, 2017.

6. Jacky Vike

Jacky Vike welcomed her son on 3rd June 2017. She broke the good news 3 weeks later with this post “And on the 3rd of June 2017, 6:55 am, God Blessed Me with the Greatest Gift in my Life ever! Nothing can Beat the Joy my son has Brought in My Life, and as he turns 3weeks old, I would Love to Thank you all that have Walked with me throughout my pregnancy Journey, My Family, Friends and Fans, Thank you all for your Prayers and Advice, May God Bless you and your Families, it’s Been an awesome learning experience for me and my Partner and we are Looking forward to More, and I know through God's Guidance all shall be Well, THANK YOU.”

7. Annabel Onyango

Kenzo Taya joined the Marek-Onyango family on 31st August 2017. The news was broken through an Instagram post by Annabel which read "Quietly while you were asleep the moon and I were talking. I asked that she'd always keep you protected. She promised you her light that you so gracefully carry. You bring your light and shine like morning." - The Sweetest Gift.Kenzo Taya (strong light) joined @marek__ and I exactly one week ago on August 31st. He is our sweetest gift.”

8. Terryanne Chebet

As Kenyans cast their ballot for the second time this year, Terryanne Chebet welcomed her second born on October 26, 2017. She announced the good news with a picture of cute pink shoes, which she captioned ‘See God’ accompanied with a few emojis of a smiling face with heart-shaped eyes.

9. Yvonne Afro Street

Yvonne Odhiambo the C.E.O of AfroStreet Kollektions welcomed her son Hakeem Philips on 6th December 2017 after labouring for 36 hours!

10.Tatiana Karanja

They say that friends often share major milestones like pregnancy and when they settle into marriage and going by what happened to This Is Ess and Tatiana Karanja, this statement could be true.

This is because This Is Ess’ close friend and photographer Tatiana Karanja was pregnant at around the same time Sharon was, and in March Tatiana welcomed a beautiful gem named Olive.


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