Nairobi Diaries star openly fisiis on ‘Pana’ singer ‘Tekno’

In his song ‘Pana’ Tekno repeatedly sings that ‘they say you like cassava…I got big cassava.’ hinting that when it came to cassava, his is a bumper harvest.


He later took to Instagram sharing a shirtless photo of himself in swimming briefs that showed off his ‘cassava’ which many unimpressed ladies slammed as a tiny chipolata.

Proving that the pool water had led to shrinkage, Tekno once again flaunted his cassava in its ‘full glory’ in a bid to prove haters wrong, with the caption ‘Where is Diana?’

This time, his cassava impressed the ladies; maybe that is why they have been streaming to his page to express their interest.

The latest person to express her interest in Tekno is none other than Juddie Jay of Nairobi Diaries.

The booty-full starlet  sent this message to Tekno expressing her interest :“Have You Ever Had Sleepless Nights? Or just fake dreams with someone, just to see you are together current's weird I know but I crush this guy every second, every minute, every hour, every day. I just can't running mad I swear @teknoofficial.”


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