Lillian Muli and Huddah miss out as exuberant lawyer takes the girls in his life out for a treat in his luxurious Range Rover

From his usual followers online who wanted to get a glimpse of his fast lane life, to socialite Huddah Monroe and beautiful TV News anchor Lillian Muli.

Flamboyant lawyer Donald D Kipkorir boastful announcement of his new ride, the 2016 Range Rover Model caused quite a stir online.

Aside from the debate which sucked in his fellow learned friends Abdullahi and Muite, there was a clamor for who will be the first to get a ride in the vehicle.

Everyone wanted to get the chance while others were busy castigating the lawyer for his showy lifestyle. Then came the news that the car was still at RMA motors showroom.

This caused the expected laughter but the lawyer had the last laugh. He has the car finally and has been using it for special occasions.

The first occasion was when the lawyer was out to visit his friend the Deputy President late last month. He also had it when he hosted a party at his mansion.

However, the powerful SUV got its first real taste of the road when it made a journey to the Rift Valley as the lawyer took the ‘girls’ in his life for a special treat.

It was none of the usual faces and of course it was neither Huddah nor Lillian Muli. The Lawyer took his daughters out and worked had to protect their faces from public scrutiny.

Here are the photos of the cool family moment.

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