I tried to commit suicide 4 times - Singer Jackie Chandiru opens up in emotional interview

I believed I was much better off dead- Jackie Chandiru

Ugandan singer Jackie Chandiru

Ugandan singer Jackie Chandiru aka The Queen of the Nile has for the first time disclosed that she tried to commit suicide four times over the struggles he was going through, but all the attempts failed.

In an interview with Jalang’o, Chandiru narrated that life had pushed her to a tight corner and the only available solution was to commit suicide, to evade all the suffering she was going through, but unfortunately God had a different plan for her.

Committing suicide

“I was actually killed like four times; I don’t even know because that time I was in hospital. I was in rehab and then somebody will say I have seen something on YouTube like ‘RIP Jackie Chandiru we shall miss you’. The internet killed me four times and I also tried to commit suicide four times. Most of the time I was killed on the internet I was still in Rehab. I was tired Jalas. I was tired of the rumours, tired of the stories… I’m sure you have seen pictures of me, I didn’t care about life, what I looked like anymore and I didn’t want to exist anymore. I believed I was much better off dead. And even before all this attempts I prayed to God, I would say, I know suicide is not allowed but I just can’t be here anymore. I was sinking more and more into depression,” said Jackie Chandiru.

A few years ago, photos of a slim looking Chandiru surfaced online after being checked into a rehab for the second time to try and help her beat her addiction. She clarified that she was addicted to a prescription drug called Pethidine that she was using for her back pains and not cocaine or heroin.


“No person wakes up in the morning and say they want to be an addict, its not a choice. But mine started as a health problem. Although I was warned before about that specific drug. I was told its very addictive but it’s a pain killer but because I had an injury I wans’t too sure, I was supposed to go for surgery and It was a 50/50 chance that I would come out successful. So that was when I started with that drug, it became like a short cut for me, the pain was so much… I had a bad attack that hurt my back. So I was on Pethidine most of the time, I was always taking the drug. Its injected and I used to inject myself and by the time the addiction had grown, I used to inject myself past 20 times a day. This why I have all this scars on my hand… so all this stories that I was doing drugs were all lies,” narrated Ms Chandiru.


According to Jackie, the addiction cost her, her marriage. At the time, time she was married to Billionaire Nol Van Vliet. Their marriage lasted for only three years.

Music comeback

“He didn’t like what was happening to me, actually it ruined my marriage. But afterwards for me to get back on my feet he was there 500% thats why I said in the start he is amazing,” said Jackie.

The Gold Digger maker also made it clear that she was not the cause for the breakup of ‘Blue-3” a music group she belonged to back then.

Currently, the singer stays in Kenyan after a successful recovery from her Pethidine addiction that almost ruined her life. She has also made a comeback in the music industry and has a news song dubbed “The One” featuring Arrow Bwoy.

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