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Mejja slammed as ‘too fat’ by KOT and this is the mic-drop-worthy way he responded

Even men get body shamed too!

Mejja of The Kansoul

Over the years many women have developed body-issues over body shaming with trolls poking fun at either their weight, forehead or other parts of their body but it seems that guys get it too its only that they rare less vocal about it or just let it slide off their back lie water.

Yesterday members of the Kansoul (Mejja, Kid Kora and Madtraxx) had a rough time on NTV's 'The Trend' when some ‘fans’ poked fun at their size. First it was Kid Kora who was criticized for being skinny and Mejja was rudely asked by a Kenyan on Twitter (KOT) “Uliza Mejja anakulia wapi, he is bigger than Madtraxx it’s like they are going in opposite directions.” ( Translation: Ask Mejja where he eats because he is now bigger than Madtraxx, it’s like they are going in opposite directions since Mejja is losing some weight and Mejja is gaining some.)

To which Mejja replied with:


“ Unajua Manze, I check my weight lakini si kwa gym kwa kiio. Na kama hujawahi ninunulia kitunguu, hujawahi ninunulia nyanya and hujawahi ninunulia mafuta wewe ni nani kuniambia hivo?

Mimi nataka mtu ajipende venye yuko. Saa hii niko na wife, si umeskia ailipata mtoi, sababu ya pressure ya society anauliza kama amenona. Namwambia Babe nakupenda venye uko, umenipatia present noma sana unaona,  sitaki afeel pressure.

Jipende vile uko…ka dame ni mnono uko msupuu venye uko… kama uko mslim kama Kora jipende vile uko.Na wagenge wananipenda venye niko.Hii ndio ina matter.” ( I check my weight but not at the gym, in the mirror. If you have never bought me onions, you have never bought me tomatoes and you have never bought me oil, who are you to tell me that?

I want people to love themselves just the way they are. I have a wife who recently gave birth and she asks me if she has grown fat due to societal pressure. I tell her I love her just the ways he is, she has given me a child a wonderful gift, I don’t want her to feel the pressure to conform to society’s expectations.

Love yourself, if you are plus you are beautiful just the way you are. If you are slim like Kora love yourself just the way you are, Genge music lovers love me just the way I am…and that is all that matters.


And Boom!


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