The Multi-million gifts Diamond's Sister received at her wedding reception (Video)

Congratulations Esma on your Wedding

Photos from Esma Platnumz and Yahya Msizwa's wedding

Over the weekend, Diamond Platnumz's sister Esma Platnumz held a wedding reception at Lugalo Gold Club in Dar es Salaam, bringing together close friends and family to celebrate her union with hubby Yahya Msizwa.

At the reception, Esma was showered with Multi-million gifts by the people who had graced the wedding.

Some of the gifts that Esma got include;

Brand new BMW X6 (from her brother in law)

A Plot and a Mansion (from her mother, Mama Dangote)

Another brand new car from Diamond Plus Sh5 million.

A trip to Paris sponsored by Sallam SK

As that is not enough, WCB President Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Chibu Dangote stole the show when he decided to flex his financial muscles, competing with his in-laws in rewarding the bride with cash.

Platnumz ordered his Bouncer to step forward with a bag full of cash; going head to head with a group of in-laws who were also rewarding the bride.

The wedding reception went down a day after the couple held another Muslim wedding dubbed Maulid. The Maulid was the second Muslim wedding, basing on the fact that another one was also held in June.

Video of the BMW X6

msizwa23 & @_esmaplatnumz WEDDING 💍 Tarehe 30 July Itafanyika Maulid ambayo itafanyika TEGETA - Madale ikihusisha zaidi Familia na Watu wa Karibu. Na Kisha tarehe 01 August itafanyika Rasmi Reception ambayo itafanywa Maeneo ya Lugalo Golf Club ambayo wageni waalikwa watapata nafasi ya kuhudhuria katika Sherehe” reads Esma announcement.


Photos from the wedding and Maulid


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