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DJ Mo’s Gift to his wife after being discharged from Hospital [Video]

The Muraya's are Back with Surprises

Last week DJ Mo revealed that her wife was not feeling well and had been hospitalized for further treatment under the doctor’s instructions.

On November 7, DJ Mo shared photos of his wife stating she was out of danger after being discharged from hospital. As a way of making her feel better and have a quick recovery, the Crossover 101 DJ, decided to surprise her with expensive gifts and an out of the town treat.

Sammy Muraya (Real names) bought her wife two pairs of expensive shoes and she loved them. Apart from the gift, the DJ also secured a two days vocation for his family at a two year old hotel called Mara Nengai.


“I managed to book you  a two day holiday at this hotel called Mara Nengai , it’s a perfect place for you to relax” says DJ Mo in a video shared on their Vlog.

“I admire you the Murayas when I grow up and get married I want such happy fam”shared one user

“My advice to dj mo:Anytime size 8 amegonjeka,mletee viatu.Naona anapona”

“You have no idea how i wanted to hear that final part of "God testing your faith" at the end. I am going through difficult moments and i believe i will pass the test. Thank you size 8 and DJ Mo.”


“Nitatoa wapi mwanaume kama huyu khai mwathani anyway glory to God your ok mama wambu”

Through his Instagram, DJ Mo also send his gratitude those who prayed for his wife to get better.

“Finally -she is feeling well thank you ALL for your prayers. Love you babe  - now you need to rest a bit - ” shared DJ Mo.



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