The power of Lives

Brands can use Live-video to communicate, engage and activate.

Pulse Live presenters during a live

Kenyan Elections 2017, Pulse Live Kenya just launched 6 months before, and we made our biggest discovery shaping the future of our brand: Going Live on our digital Channels.

Especially in Election time, this brought us a massive new following (hungry for ‘realness’) and also gave us a first-mover advantage & edge and we learned to engage with our audience properly and listen to what they want, think, and feel (and adjust our content accordingly).

In times like this (Covid-19) people are looking for connections more than ever, and with Live streaming this is possible. This brought to collect the main reasons to use Live as a format for brand-channels. Now even LinkedIn started Live and shows that Live’s aren’t only a temporary trend. It's the opposite: A weapon in the battle of attention.


Live is one of the best performing Online Formats. For example, Facebook Live-Video has 10-times higher Engagement and 3x longer view times than pre-recorded videos. These are the reasons:

  1. Urgency: Two reasons for this. First is FOMO (fear of missing out) due to its fugacity of the ‘event’ happening, which creates exclusivity. Second is Speed due to it’s simplicity. Lives can be set-up quickly and address topics happening directly- no big set-up and editing necessary.
  2. Length: Live-video often have a length of twenty minutes and plus, which give them much more content while other videos usually are between 6sec-90seconds long.
  3. Transparency/ Realness: Live-videos feel organic and show the reality. The audience gets smarter and more skeptical about the content presented to them.
  4. Algorithm: Platforms want to take over attention from TV with the help of Live-videos. Due to that, they often send out push notifications for Lives and prioritize them in the newsfeed.

This link shows results for brands (like Pfizer, J.P. Morgan and Adobe) of Live-video.

Engagement in Real-time

Live-video changes the kind of engagement you can get digitally. With Live-video it’s made possible to not only ‘comment back’ but actually take a comment and change the course of the live stream/show and answer them right away (and wait for the next reaction/comment).

Live can be an effective feedback tool in which the relationship between brand and customers/consumers can be deepened and the ties elevated. Brands can actually listen and customers/consumers can actually be able to voice them (and be heard).

Authenticity/ Realness

Live’s can make a brand more relatable and bring them closer. Watching a Live feels real and not staged/scripted (not edited). This helps to elevate goodwill, trustworthiness and affinity.


Lives (usually) don’t need an expensive production set-up as ‘normal’ videos. With authenticity also comes the aesthetics. Lives are mostly a bit simpler in its set-up to underline the authenticity, which can lower the costs of production.

Content Repurposing

Live’s generate a huge amount of content (see #1 Length). But it’s not done with only the Live itself. Usually many video edits (6sec- 5min) can be created from the Live which can be later be repurposed for distribution.


Due to the simplicity of Live-video they can be set-up fast and address relevant/timely issues very quickly. Brands can react to worldwide, local or product and company topics in the course of a few hours and stay top of mind.


For marketers Live-video can be an efficient opportunity to create content.

Generally Live-video can connect content and conversions. It opens up the customers/consumers for a message and can bring passive viewers to real actions. Which means that brands can use Live-video to communicate, engage and activate.

From Pulse’s experience it is important to do Live-videos regularly and consistently (eg. same days and times)- this helps for customers/consumers to remember and come back, as well as it helps the production team to get it done more seamlessly.

What Pulse can do for you:

Pulse Studio has all the equipment and an expert production team to conceptualize & set-up Live-videos for brand channels. With it’s unique technology Pulse Studio can stream simultaneously to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Linkedin at the same time and can connect five different locations remotely

Pulse Live has around 5x regular Live-shows every week, in which brand topics/campaigns etc can be discussed/integrated and get connected to a Millennial audience of around 1,3m followers/fans

Pulse Marketing can integrate as your brands Social Media Managers daily/weekly/monthly Live-video into the brands content calendar

Lives can be created including Midrolls and many more sponsoring opportunities

Find some examples of our LiveStreams here:

Pulse Live Shows (for brands): Crush-Call, Celeb254, VoxPop, Strivia, Let’s Talk, Any Challenger

Video edits of Pulse Live Shows: Crush-Call, VoxPop, Celeb254 , VoxPop, TYAS, Breaking News Coverage, Events Coverage and many more

Elections 2017 (Kenya): Celebrations as spontaneous Live coverage, Presser coverage with commentary


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