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DJ Shiti breaks down during an emotional interview on live TV

Things got emotional with the The Real Househelps of Kawangware actor.

As he was talking about his first days in Nairobi on Dr Ofweneke’s show, DJ Shiti got choked up with emotion and had balancing tears to a point that he couldn’t talk. The reason why Shiti broke down was that he remembered sleeping in the cold streets of Nairobi and was fed and given accommodation by prostitutes within Koinange Street.

This is despite having relatives who he knew in the city but wouldn’t offer him accommodation. So he would leave 100 Episodes of Churchill Show auditions to come and sleep hungry in the streets as money was still an issue at that point.

“I came to Nairobi 7 years ago from Nakuru, I came from a player’s theatre in Nakuru. There was this time that Churchill show was on break and they were looking for comedians all over the country…and I can I cry? That was in 2012 I think.” DJ Shiti said as he held back tears upon remembering his struggle.


“I started in Nakuru Players Theater then I came to Nairobi in 2012, I knew many people in Nairobi but what I went through during that time taught me a lot that you shouldn’t trust anybody except God. Because those people when I came to Nairobi (holds back tears)...the last interview I had with Jalang’o they thought I was retaliating and I think it’s better if we move on and talk about other things.” Shiti added as he teared up when confronted by dark memories of his past.

On noticing that Shiti was overcome with emotion, Dr Ofweneke asked the director to let them go for a 2-minute break to allow the comedian to compose himself.


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